The Griping Grape

6a00d8341c5f3053ef01b8d0b45b45970c-500wiIt seems that most wine reviews resemble the highfalutin-ism that is above. And yes, I understand that what I just said was somewhat highfalutin in nature. But, it’s all a part of the “wine world”. The haughty verbiage is often associated with wine-talk. And while, I may seem to be hypocritically dissociative with wine jargon, I understand its significance and must concede its importance (at times).

The subjectivity that is wine review stems from well-endowed palettes, or so it seems—a.k.a. people who have enough throwaway money for alcoholic grape juice. I’ve found, however, that there can be a merriment of the two worlds. A harmonious existence of prince and pauper, while those are antiquated extremes, I’ve also discovered that wine reviews are just the same.

thurber-cartoon“It’s a naive domestic Burgundy without any breeding, but I think you’ll be amused by its presumption.”

With these dichotomous comparisons, I can conclude that–the price does not denote the quality. Simply stated, you don’t always get what you pay for, and sometimes you get even more than what you buy. I’ve experienced every social bracket (well, almost) and have learned to understand expensive wine isn’t always the best.

Many people look to wine reviews for the “rating”. Many also disregard the subjectivity that wine truly beholds—the taste and value are ultimately determined by the person(s) enjoying said wine, with a few basic exceptions, of course.

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