“Wine is not only a drinking: it is sniffing, observing, tasting, or sipping at and…talking about” -Edward VII

With wine comes many questions–and cheese, lots and lots of cheese.

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Let’s Begin…

Q: I love a wine called _____, what do you think of it?

A: It doesn’t matter what I think!

And I know this goes against the whole point of having a blog reviewing and commenting on wine, however, my opinion is merely a suggestion. My review towards wine is purely subjective and particular to me. Wine is the ultimate expression of personal taste–literally and figuratively speaking. What you like is determined by your experience with the wine. The occasion you enjoyed it, the people you enjoyed it with, the time of day, your mood, the glass…so many factors go into the taste of the wine. Be proud to have a specific wine that you favor, and nevermind what the “critics” say.

Q: How long will an open bottle stay good?

A: For most wines, you’ll be fine for about 1-3 days.